Protective Services facilitates a broad range of risk management services including security audits, security reviews and business contingency plans. We know that threats or the loss of life, assets, property or reputation can have a devastating impact on any business or organisation. Our highly experienced and qualified security risk management consultants have the capability to assist organisations to manage and respond to any critical incident from natural disasters to attempted extortion.

We know the global risk climate has changed considerably over recent years, our approach to security risk management is based on internationally recognised best practice. The fundamental basis of our security reviews is to rate the risk in accordance with the Australia New Zealand Risk Management Standard (AS/NZ ISO 31000:2009) and prioritise a solution based on that rating.

Our security risk management consultants provide expert security and risk management advice to private companies, public organisations and government agencies from how to develop and implement a complete risk management strategy to reducing the risk to people, assets, property and information. When the threat to a business or organisation is particularly acute, we can deploy specialist security teams and licensed private investigators inside our client’s operations to manage the risk, anywhere, at anytime. 

With the support of our security experts, we review the risks faced by each client according to their areas of operations and the specific threat levels their organisation and industry may face. Our philosophy is that no two organisations are alike and that a number of issues including the nature of their business, profile of their employees and the geographical spread of their assets can uniquely determine their level of exposure to any risk.

Business continuity management is complimentary to a wider risk management framework, it is a holistic management process that identifies the potential impacts of a wide variety of disruptions to an organisations ability to function, allowing the organisation to tolerate the loss of part or all of its operational capability.

Protective Services (A Division of The Neill Group) is owned and operated by Dion Neill, a former member of the New Zealand Defence Forces and Emergency Services. Dion is a foundation member of the Institute of Professional Investigators (NZIPI) and was board certified as a fraud examiner.

Dion has successfully achieved a number of internationally recognised certifications including a Diploma of Security and Risk Management (Australia) and a Certificate in Investigation Skills awarded by the Royal New Zealand Police College.

Dion has been widely recognised for his contribution to raising the level of professionalism within the New Zealand security industry, he provides regular commentary to the media on industry related matters and featured on the popular television New Zealand series, ‘Private Investigators’ and television feature regarding protecting high profile people in New Zealand.

Dion has spent a number of years conducting covert surveillance and managing undercover operations with a focus on fraud and theft investigations; he was one of the first licensed private investigators in New Zealand to carry out investigation assignments for the ACC.

In 1989, Dion provided expert witness evidence in the High Court of New Zealand as a member of a team investigating a complex theft operation resulting in the successful prosecution of over 25 offenders.

Dion Neill has over 30 years of international operational experience providing a broad range of private investigation, risk management, specialised security, asset recovery and para-legal support services.

Dion’s decades of industry experience and specialised skill set are used by clients for a variety of investigation and security assignments, he has a notable track record of successfully recovering hidden assets and serving evasive defendants with court proceedings.