Protective Services facilitates a range of security risk management services including business contingency planning, security audits, security reviews and the security risk management of public events and private functions. Our security risk management consultants assist clients to manage any critical incident including threats to the safety of employees, family members or high profile individuals. 

We know the global risk climate has changed considerably over recent years, our approach to risk management is based on internationally recognised best practice. The fundamental basis of our security reviews is to rate the risk in accordance with the Australia New Zealand Risk Management Standard and then prioritise the right solution based on our findings. 

Our consultants provide expert security and risk management advice to private companies, public organisations and government agencies from developing and implementing risk management strategies to reducing the risk to people, assets and information.

When a serious threat is identified, we deploy specialist security personnel supported by private investigators inside our client’s business or private property to mitigate and manage the risk. With the support of our security experts, we review the risks faced by clients according to the level of identified threat.

We understand that no two clients are alike and that a number of issues including the nature of the clients business, public profile and the geographical spread of their assets can uniquely determine their level of exposure to any risk.