Protective Services are recognised as an essential licensed security provider during Covid-19. Protective Services offers a range of professional security services from licensed security guards and crowd controllers to security consultants and personal protection specialists. We service private, commercial and governmental clients in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and throughout New Zealand.

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All our licensed security professionals including security guards and risk management consultants undergo a recruitment process to ensure we provide the highest level of service. Our security guards are multi-skilled to work within across various private, commercial and governmental sectors of our company including:

  • Field Visits
  • Surveillance
  • Static Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Loss Protection
  • Asset Recovery
  • Asset Prevention
  • Crowd Controlling
  • Personal Protection
  • Security Risk Management
  • Process Serving (Legal Document Serving)

Security Guards

Protective Services offers professional security guards who are trained in service delivery. We strive to provide our clients with full confidence in the men and women charged with protecting their staff and their assets.

Protective Services takes pride in the quality of the security professionals that constitute our guarding service. Our recruitment process ensures that only the best are engaged with our organisation and deployed to yours.

Our ongoing improvement programmes further guarantee that our people stay current with the latest in security knowledge, and are well versed in legislative and regulatory requirements.

Retail Security

We understand the importance of the retail sector and the role that security plays in ensuring the safety of the millions who visit them each year. With the growing population and expanding retail environment, it’s more vital than ever that establishments provide a safe shopping experience.

Our security professionals are not only trained in risk management and first aid procedures, but can also fill customer service roles to enhance shopper satisfaction whilst visiting the your store.

Protective Services can provide a total solutions package inclusive of security guards, CCTV and alarm installations, access control, and monitoring to give you complete peace of mind and the knowledge that your assets are in good hands.

Guardhouse Security

Be it staff and/or contractors, Protective Services understands the importance of effective gatehouse security. Our gatehouse security team adapts efficiently to any Site Operating Procedures, ensuring the flow of access on to site is controlled, and entry-exit procedures are enforced.

Our security team perform site-based operating procedures that include maintaining records, reporting, and tracking of consigned goods.

Venue & Hospitality Security

Protective Services is at the forefront of delivering new and improved services within the area of bar, venue and security to the hospitality industry. With a greater emphasis on vigilance, communication, and presentation, our trained and licensed crowd controllers have the ability to negotiate with members of the public across a wide variety of situations.

Through due diligence and maintaining a duty of care for all patrons, we strive to best understand various working environments in order to implement the appropriate and most effective security solutions.

Event & Sporting Security

Regulatory and statutory requirements that govern the licensing of public gatherings can be an added stress to sports and event planning.

Protective Services has supplied services to an eclectic range of events, such as entry and exit controls, traffic management, restricted area access control, equipment protection, and (if alcohol is available onsite) responsible service of alcohol monitoring and compliance.

Business & Commercial Security

Grasping the unique security requirements of business and commercial security gives Protective Services a distinct edge over our competition. From concierge to the control room, we know the importance of having a totally integrated security team to protect your assets and the people within them.

With the security concierge being the first point of reference for your clients, staff, and customers, Protective Services engages customer service specialists for this vital role. Recognising the role customer service plays within any business, our team are trained to deliver only the best protection.

Concierge Services

Concierge, or front of house services, require exceptional, handpicked security professionals who demonstrate outstanding communication skills, immaculate presentation, attention to detail, incomparable customer service skills, and discipline. They must also manage daily tasks dutifully, confidently engage members of the public, and seamlessly coordinate emergency situations as they arise.

These characterise the concierge officers at Protective Services. They approach their tasks from a security-minded perspective, ensuring that clients’ safety and well-being is always of paramount concern.

Security Escorts

We escort clients whilst travelling to any domestic or international destination. On arrival, we will liaise with local authorities and law enforcement agencies to assist in providing maximum support for the client’s safety and protection.

Security Patrols

To meet demands from the business and commercial sector a professional security patrol service, we now have an additional service to add to our arsenal. When you have a situation, you need an increased visible presence at your property to deter criminal activity or potential anti-social problems.

In addition to an alarm response service, we can provide temporary or permanent security patrols to provide a additional layer of protection to your home or business premises, our patrol service can be utilised for the following:

  • 24/7 private or commercial property checks
  • First response to personal medical alarms, home panic or intruder alarms
  • Mail collection when you are away from home
  • External property checks for potential trespassers or safety issues
  • Property lock-up and unlock for your staff or contractors working after hours
  • Escorting your staff or contractors to their vehicles after hours
  • Welfare checks on staff or contractors working alone at your business or organisation
  • Patrols of your car parking areas or any possible areas that could be assessed by the public and become a magnet for security issues


We have unlimited access to luxury motor vehicles for the transportation of clients on request. Our security drivers have proven emergency driving skills and have completed specialist driving courses to ensure a client’s safety at all times.

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