Protective Services provides high-caliber security professionals, personal protection officers (internationally experienced, qualified and highly trained bodyguards), event security managers, security escorts and security risk management consultants. 

Protective Services are supported by a network of rigorously vetted and highly experienced international associates to provide specialised security, close personal protection and security risk management services to clients throughout New Zealand and worldwide. 

The strength of Protective Services is the highly skilled and experienced team of security professionals selected exclusively from the police and military, we do not actively recruit for contractors and do not employ staff.

The proficiency and unique skill set of our people ensures we confidently deliver a comprehensive range of security requirements that caters for every situation from close personal protection to the security management of public events.

At Protective Services, we consistently provide the highest level of security and personal protection based on internationally recognised best practice for every client, regardless of size or stature.

Private Security 

We understand that international executives face increasingly complex personal safety and security concerns so as a specialised security and risk management agency, we offer a bespoke solution to meet the requirements of our clients anywhere in the world.

A number of our contracted security professionals are former members of the New Zealand Special Air Services and the New Zealand Police, Diplomatic Protection Service who can be deployed individually or as a collective security team.

Their expertise is far reaching from travel management and logistical planning to crisis management conducted with the highest level of professionalism and discretion. 

Event Security

We understand the key to minimising the security risks of your public event or private function is comprehensive planning coupled with professional and expert implementation. At Protective Services, we utilise only licensed and experienced security personnel to develop a security plan tailored to your needs.

From coordinating law enforcement and medical services to planning for worst-case scenarios, our unsurpassed project management ensures that every contingency is identified and addressed. Protective Services provides you with a comprehensive range of security risk management solutions to ensure your public event or private function is safe, secure and successful.

Personal Protection (Bodyguards)

In 1999, our personal protection service also commonly referred to as a bodyguard service was launched by Dion Neill with Jamie Oliver’s New Zealand tour followed by ‘Bardot’ from the popular Australian reality television series, ‘Popstars’.

Protective Services has provided (under a sub-contract arrangement) personal protection support and venue security logistics for Sir Elton John, ‘The Police’, Tony Hawk and a number of other international celebrities, sports personalities, entertainers, film talent, corporate executives and high net-worth clients.

The team at Protective Services have also been deployed to provide specialised security at red carpet events, movie premiers, corporate meetings, public events, high profile weddings and private functions.

From transport logistics, security trained drivers, event security management and personal protection officers – Protective Services provide a seamless security solution throughout New Zealand and worldwide.

Corporate Security

In today’s society, corporate executives and high profile individuals face increasing threats of extortion, retaliation, public embarrassment and kidnapping. For many, the deployment of discreet protection services has now become a reality. 

Public figures are increasingly at risk from individuals and groups seeking to harass, injure or extort money for some perceived injustice or to promote their cause. Protective Services provides discreet executive protection, a specialised personal protection service commonly referred to as ‘executive care’.

Executive protection addresses the management of risk that corporate executives face, we minimise these risks in an unobtrusive and highly professional manner.

Guardian Protection Programme

Protective Services launched the ‘Guardian Protection Programme’ to provide a response by a highly trained and experienced personal protection officer (internationally experienced bodyguard) who will respond to any location in a clients time of need to manage any risk associated with the threat of abduction, kidnapping, physical assault or predatory type behaviour.

Our guardian protection programme has proven to be increasingly popular for tourists, foreign company executives, dignitaries and international students studying in New Zealand.

Travel Security

The team at Protective Services provides clients with exceptional travel security services during the arrivals and departure process at domestic and international airports. Clients may be concerned or apprehensive regarding over friendly or hostile public encounters, we provide clients with the appropriate protection measures as the situation demands.

In an uncertain and unpredictable world, you want to know you are doing all that you can to protect your own people, we provide the specialised security support and professional services to keep your international travelers and expatriates safe – anywhere at anytime. 

Protective Services provides corporate client, private organisations and the government sector with integrated security plans, risk management strategies and emergency response, to enable clients to protect their people and their assets and to help their business or organisation function more efficiently.

Secure Transport

Protective Services has unlimited access to a number of luxury motor vehicles for the transportation of clients throughout New Zealand. All vehicles comply with and exceed modern safety standards. Our security trained and licensed drivers have proven emergency driving skills and completed specialist driving courses to ensure a client’s safety at all times.


People stalk others because they are often seeking some type of intimate relationship with the victim and will often ignore warnings from the victim either of a physical or legal nature. We provide close personal protection to ensure that direct contact does not take place, we will identify the stalker and prevent further action from occurring.

Our surveillance operatives often deployed on counter-surveillance assignments work closely with licensed private investigators from The Neill Group to provide discreet background inquiries and investigative support.

Special Operations Team

Protective Services has a team of internationally experienced, highly trained and qualified security specialists who are former members of the New Zealand Special Air Service, New Zealand Police – Diplomatic Protection Service and the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service with each individual having a specific skill set and proven operational capability.

This team of specialists are ready for immediate deployment within New Zealand and worldwide to respond to circumstances where complex and time critical situations occur.

Security Consulting

The best security strategy is one that’s tailored to the needs of your business or organisations needs. Covering both consultation and installation, we can provide a security solution that meets your individual budget and requirements.

The Neill Group will undertake a full security audit and security review, we will provide a comprehensive report outlining any security deficiencies and recommendations. Once the risk assessment is complete, we’ll consult with you to gain a better understanding of your concerns and requirements.

Working with you, we’ll provide a security strategy that addresses your main concerns, without negatively impacting your operations or budget. Because we’re not bound contractually to any security provider, we can provide honest recommendations on what security system, technology and equipment best suits your needs. 

With our strategic alliance partners and vetted associates, we have the capability to install CCTV, access control systems, locks, alarms and remote camera surveillance equipment. 

Protective Services is more than just another security guard company, let us show you the difference!