The team at Protective Services understands the key to minimising the risk to your event is comprehensive planning with professional implementation. Dion and his nationwide associates provide clients with a range of specialised security and risk management solutions to ensure your public event or private function is safe and secure.


Dion Neill and his associates provide exceptional travel security during the arrivals and departure process at domestic and international airports. Clients may be concerned or apprehensive regarding over friendly or hostile public encounters, we provide clients with the appropriate protection measures as the situation demands.

In an uncertain and unpredictable world, you want to know you are doing all that you can to protect your own people, Dion provides the specialised security support to keep international travelers safe – anywhere, anytime. 


Dion has unlimited access to a number of luxury motor vehicles for the transportation of clients throughout New Zealand. Our security trained drivers have proven emergency driving skills and completed specialist driving courses to ensure a client’s safety at all times.


People stalk others because they are often seeking some type of intimate relationship with the victim and will often ignore warnings from the victim either of a physical or legal nature. Dion and his people will identify the stalker and prevent further action from occurring.


Dion has a team of internationally experienced associates who are former specialist members of the military, police and intelligence community with each member having a specialised skill set and proven operational capability. This team of contracted security specialists are ready for immediate deployment within New Zealand or worldwide where complex and time critical situations occur.


Our security specialists have engaged in private security contracting in some of the most volatile regions around the world. Protective Services offers military trained security specialists who are prepared to deploy into hostile environments to carry out complex tactical operations, including the security of critical assets or infrastructures, evacuations of personnel and corporate executives.