Private Investigators –

The Neill Group provides a range of private investigation services along with para-legal support, process serving (service of legal documents) and field agent services across the greater Wellington region and throughout New Zealand. The Neill Group investigates theft and complex fraud along with suspected infidelity and other personal matters. The Neill Group also carries out discreet background checks, due diligence and locating missing people across the greater Wellington region and throughout New Zealand.

In New Zealand a private investigator must be licensed by the Ministry of Justice to collect information, gather intelligence and carry out surveillance along with other related private investigation activities. The Neill Group are based in Wellington with a strategic network of nationwide licensed private investigators, certified fraud examiners and surveillance specialists throughout New Zealand.

Our people have the credentials, experience and specialised skill set to mitigate risk, manage threats, reveal the truth and provide the answers you are seeking. In New Zealand, you must be certified and licensed as a private investigator by the Ministry of Justice (Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority) to gather information, collect intelligence and carry out surveillance along with other related private investigation activities. 


It is important for everyone to understand that surveillance is both legal and ethical. The Neill Group will only conduct surveillance for a legitimate purpose and in a legal manner. Surveillance is a powerful tool used in investigations where evidence is obtained in order to secure prosecutions – substantial intelligence is often gained from these convert operations.

We can provide a surveillance operative with over 30 years of experience in providing surveillance services to support commercial and private investigations.

The current measures of surveillance and intelligence gathering include insurance claimant surveillance, domestic related surveillance and employee surveillance for workplace theft or fraud related investigations. Our trained and highly experienced surveillance operatives can help to ensure that you know what is happening in your home, business or personal life.

Surveillance is conducted to obtain evidence of a crime, to locate property, to identify a person, to observe activity in an area, to document evidence and to gather intelligence that will with stand the rigors of a judicial proceeding.

Loss Prevention

The handling of product and stock – both in retail and distribution – generally operates with an acceptable shrinkage percentage to allow for losses incurred through internal and external factors such as damage, breakages, faults and theft.

The Neill Group can analyse stock variations over a period of time to understand the nature of these losses. Often, many of these losses are caused by data entry or coding errors, and can be reduced through the introduction of improved internal processes.

Once stock is accurately accounted for, the true extent of fraud or theft can be established. If you believe fraud or theft might be occurring within your business, The Neill Group can use investigative methods to identify the people responsible.

Covert Operations

The Neill Group has access to trained and experienced undercover agents sourced exclusively from specialist teams of the police and security intelligence service. Our undercover agents are commonly used inside a business or organisation to detect theft, fraud, unexplained loss and criminal offending. Undercover operations successfully reveal other activities including the use of alcohol, drugs and cases of workplace bullying.

Our undercover agents work alongside our licensed private investigators to gather evidence that can be used for criminal prosecution and civil recovery or litigation. A number of our contracted private investigators are former police officers and detectives with extensive experience using modern investigative techniques using the latest technology.

Field Agents

Field based services are conducted by The Neill Group in the greater Wellington region and throughout New Zealand utilising a nationwide network of highly experienced agents. Field visits have proven to be an effective way to re-engage with your client to ensure compliance of contractual obligations, confirm any assets or property and negotiate payment arrangements. 

A key to our success providing field visits across the greater Wellington region and throughout New Zealand is a structured process that deploys personable “street savvy” field agents with commonsense and robust negotiation skills.

Our field agents have the experience and skill set to effectively influence most situations, de-escalate conflict and negotiate a solution that works for you and your client. Our field agents have experience working with sensitive issues and complex matters that require professionalism and careful handling because of potential brand and reputation damage.

Our firm but fair approach provides sustainable results, ensuring customer retention and protection of your company’s best interests. 

Para-Legal Support

Para-legal support services are available from The Neill Group on a national basis, including: tracing, interviewing, document serving, background checks, property searches, forensic examinations and handwriting analysis. Our para-legal specialists are also licensed private investigators with a working knowledge of the legal system and all aspects of the crimes act and related legislation. 

The Neill Group assists legal counsel with reviewing disclosures and prosecution evidence – our licensed private investigators undertake detailed background inquiries on defendants, witnesses and people of interest who are involved in legal proceedings. We can prepare and present evidence for disputes tribunal cases along with district, family and high court proceedings.

Nationwide Document & Process Serving

Dion Neill has been serving documents and legal process in the greater Wellington region and throughout New Zealand since 1987! The Neill Group’s highly experienced nationwide document and legal process servers efficiency serve all civil, criminal and family court related matters. 

The Neill Group serves all district court, high court and family court legal proceedings along with dissolution of marriage (divorce proceedings), international legal process, demand notices, witness summonses, subpoenas, eviction notices and a range of other documents that are required to be served personally on a recipient or defendant.

The Neill Group are supported by a rigorously selected and vetted nationwide network of process servers and licensed private investigators with decades of experience serving legal process, time critical and confidential documents for legal firms, debt collection agencies, finance company’s, lending institutions, government agencies and the private sector. 

Our contracted licensed private investigators assist process servers to conduct tracing inquiries across New Zealand and worldwide to assist in locating defendants, debtors, witnesses and individuals of interest in order to facilitate the service of legal proceedings. 

Asset Repossessions

The Ministry of Justice in New Zealand has approved and licensed The Neill Group to provide asset recovery and repossession services on a national basis. We are the Wellington based repossession agency of choice for reputable financial institutions because of our proven track record of successfully recovering assets, motor vehicles (including cars, trucks and heavy transport), commercial goods, industrial equipment, private aircraft and marine vessels. 

In New Zealand, all repossession agents are now required to be licensed under the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Amendment Act 2014 and hold a licence or certificate of approval as a repossession agent under the provisions of the Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010.

It’s important to ensure your chosen repossession agent or repossession agency has all of the correct licensing requirements to conduct repossession activities lawfully to prevent any possible litigation or formal complaints from clients or debtors.

Our licensed repossession agents are familiar with the repossession process as well as the law relating to the repossession of assets, goods and motor vehicle that are subject to a finance agreement or a credit contract.

When a finance company holds a security interest in an asset and the debtor has stopped making payments, they are then within their rights to recover the asset. However, going about this process without any unnecessary complications or legal issues requires competent, licensed and professional repossession agents.

If the situation is handled poorly, things can escalate quickly and may result in legal disputes over trespassing or breaches of privacy.

Achieving full closure to a situation may require the final steps of asset or property recovery. This can be straight-forward, where the individuals and item of property may be easily found and repossessed. In some situations, additional steps may be required to locate the individual or the asset. 

In situations where the owner of an asset, such as a motor vehicle, becomes disagreeable, our licensed repossession agents are trained to handle the situation professionally and assertively.

Our professionals are knowledgeable enough to overcome objections and explain the situation clearly and with professionalism. For over 30 years, we have provided a comprehensive asset recovery, repossession and tracing service throughout New Zealand.

We have successfully traced and recovered commercial assets, motor vehicles, industrial machinery, commercial goods, aircraft and marine vessels. Our nationwide asset recovery (repossession) services include:

· Recovery of hidden assets

· Repossessions (including multiple locations)

· Communicating with aggressive debtors

· Field visits

· Confirming addresses

· Verifying financial data

· Inspecting assets

· Tracing debtors, defendants and people of interest

Drug Detection

If you suspect illegal substances are on your premises or your staff are working under the influence of drugs or illegal substances, our nationwide drug testing associates can help. The Neill Group has developed professional alliances with accredited drug testing agencies throughout New Zealand that can visit your workplace, school or tertiary institution. 

International Couriers 

The Neill Group provides a personal international courier service for time sensitive, confidential and commercially sensitive documents. We can deploy a former military operative to personally travel and hand deliver the documents to your chosen recipient anywhere in the world. 


Forensic Examinations 

The Neill Group utilises highly experienced independent forensic document and handwriting examiners to support commercial, legal and private investigations. Our qualified document examiners can help to identify the validity of documents and provide a comprehensive handwriting analysis to assist in civil and criminal related matters, including fraud and theft related investigations.  

Our examiners can provide expert evidence in court, adhering to the code of conduct for expert witnesses in New Zealand.

Protective Services and The Neill Group are also supported by a strategic network of worldwide agents and associates to provide our clients with nationwide and international service capability.