Dion Neill is a government licensed provider of professional security, risk management, private investigation, legal support and field based services. Dion carries out private investigation services across the greater Wellington region and throughout New Zealand utilising a network of nationwide private investigators, fraud examiners and surveillance operatives.

Dion investigates a wide range of concerns for the commercial, government and private sectors, including: surveillance, technical surveillance counter measures, forensic examinations, due diligence, background checks and investigating suspected theft and fraud related matters. 

New Zealand Document & Legal Process Serving 

The Neill Group is a Wellington based multi-service agency providing legal process serving, para-legal support and field services throughout New Zealand. The Neill Group has the largest network of nationwide legal process servers in New Zealand with decades of experience serving New Zealand and international legal documents, including, but not limited to: district court, high court, family court and employment court proceedings.

The Neill Group also serves dissolution of marriage (divorce documents), property law act notices, statutory demand notices, eviction notices, trespass notices, charging documents for government law enforcement agencies, disconnection notices for utility company’s, summonses, subpoenas and a broad range of documents that are required to be served personally by a legal process server.  

Nationwide Field Services

The Neill Group operates a network of field agents in every area, district and region of New Zealand. The Neill Group’s highly professional field agents carries out field based assignments from address verification, asset recoveries and field visits to floor plan audits, debtor interviews and debt negotiations. 

The Neill Group and Protective Services is owned by licence holder, Dion Neill. Dion is one of the longest serving providers of private investigation, para-legal support and field services operating in Wellington and one of the most experienced security risk management specialists in New Zealand.