Licensed Private Investigators –

The Neill Group investigates a wide range of matters from complex fraud and theft related matters to locating missing people. A private investigator collects information, gathers intelligence, engages in surveillance and carries out a range of other investigation related activities. The Neill Group are licensed in New Zealand by the Ministry of Justice as private investigators, asset recovery (repossession) agents and security providers.

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The Neill Group are often instructed to locate missing people including debtors, defendants, witnesses and lost family members throughout New Zealand and worldwide. The Neill Group’s tracing specialists carry out extensive inquiries to locate anyone, anywhere in the world with a high degree of success. The tracing specialists from The Neill Group work closely with the media, legal firms, enforcement agencies, financial institutions and private individuals who are seeking to locate a person of interest.

Para-Legal Support

The Neill Group provides access to information utilised by law firms, conveyance agents, financial institutions, government departments and legal counsel.

The Neill Group provides an extensive range of para-legal support services across the Wellington region and throughout New Zealand, including:

  • Interviews
  • Process Serving
  • Tracing
  • Company searches
  • Court filing
  • Background checks
  • Auditing

The network of professional field agents and licensed private investigators at The Neill Group also regularly conduct court and home examinations throughout New Zealand. Examinations are conducted in accordance with strict regulatory and internal compliance guidelines, providing an effective tool in the recovery process.

All home examinations are conducted in person and provide a detailed view of the debtor’s financial position. Debtors are encouraged to offer a reasonable and responsible repayment plan or where practicable, to make settlement to pay the debt.

Drug Detection

If you suspect illegal substances are on your premises, our contracted drug testing agency can help. We have developed alliances with drug testing agencies that visit your workplace, event, school or tertiary institution.

We can also provide specialist drug and bomb dog handlers, these specialist dog teams can also act as a strong deterrent. 


The Neill Group provides professional and discreet surveillance in support of investigations across New Zealand and worldwide. The licensed private investigators at The Neill Group have the expertise in providing covert surveillance to the highest level of professional standards.

Effective surveillance can be a powerful tool in obtaining critical information in wide range of matters, including:

  • Theft of assets, property and intellectual property
  • Personal injury, disability and general insurance claims
  • Breaches of contract and non-competition clauses
  • Debt negotiation and recovery
  • Unethical activity by competitors and employees
  • Tracing debtors, persons of interest, lost relatives, court defendants and witnesses

The licensed private investigators of The Neill Group are experienced and highly skilled. The investigators can legally conduct covert surveillance, any time, in virtually any type of environment.

Using technology such as night-vision generation 3 lenses, GPS, wireless video-recording systems and other electronics, investigators can often overcome the most challenging conditions and capture video or still photography essential to proving criminal activities. 

Process Serving (Document Serving)

The Neill Group are Wellington’s most experienced and cost-effective process serving and legal support agency. The Neill Group serves commercial, legal process and private documents in the greater Wellington region and throughout New Zealand.

Since 1986, Dion Neill, a Wellington based licensed private investigator, security specialist and process server has successfully traced and served defendants.

The Neill Group is supported by a nationwide network of carefully selected process servers who have decades of experience serving district court, high court, family court and divorce proceedings.

Secure Transport

Protective Services has unlimited access to a number of luxury motor vehicles for the transportation of clients throughout New Zealand.

All vehicles comply with and exceed modern safety standards. Hosting a celebrity, VIP, corporate executive, visiting international sports team or a high-profile personality? Protective Services can provide a seamless security, chauffeur and concierge security service.

Our security trained and licensed drivers have proven emergency driving skills and completed specialist driving courses to ensure a client’s safety at all times.

Protective Services can provide vehicles and drivers to cater for your requirements including hotel transfers, corporate events, music events, weddings, celebrity transport, cruise ship transfers and executive transport.

Mystery Shoppers

The Neill Group carries out mystery shopper and covert visits to retail premises to monitor and report on staff, products and service delivery along with many other aspects to support a business.

Our mystery shopper field visits can include visits to competitors, ranking performance between parties within an industry.

The Neill Group mystery shopper services can assist clients with:

  • Monitoring key performance indicators
  • Ranking your business against competitors
  • Assessing staff performance
  • Identifying areas of possible loss
  • Detecting theft and dishonesty
  • Verifying work hours

Field Agents

The Neill Group are approved by the Ministry of Justice to provide asset trace and recovery services throughout New Zealand as licensed repossession agents. 

The Neill Group is the agency of choice for a growing number of reputable lending and financial institutions because of their proven track record of successfully tracing and recovering (repossessing) assets, property and motor vehicles. 

The team of nationwide field agents at The Neill Group provide accurate and detailed information relating to your clients current location, confirmation of any assets or property and can also negotiate payment arrangements or re-engage with your client to ensure compliance of contract obligations.

Field visits are conducted with a high degree of professionalism, we aim to ensure customer retention whilst protecting the best interests of your company and reputation.